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Bioinformatics Consulting

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Dr Parsons has worked for over a decade in bioinformatics and computing, gaining experience and contacts in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries as well as academia. For a full list of publications and industrial experience, see the Curriculum Vitae on Jeremy's personal site. A wide range of support options are available for general bioinformatics assistance and my own products in particular. Areas of help on offer include:
  • Database creation and web interfaces
  • UNIX/Linux administration
  • CORBA client/server systems
  • All aspects of EST handling and analysis
  • Interactive Java clients
  • Grid computing/parallel processing
  • Bioinformatics processing pipelines
  • Image Processing
If you have any proposals or requests for consulting help, please use the contact points listed above. Complete systems, hardware, OS, networking and application software, can be installed and configured to your requirements.
Two products are under development please contact me directly for further information.
  • Software - Bioinformatics software, download and docs
  • Trace View - Genome Research Paper describing a Java applet for viewing sequence traces
  • Miropeats - Graphical analysis of DNA repeat patterns.
  • JESAM - Parallel processing DNA sequence comparison and clustering
Miropeats on Cover of Genome Research Journal Vol. 8, 791-808, Aug 1998 CORBA Trace Viewer dipeptide frequencies in receptor proteins


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